10 Foods That Doctors Don't Eat

Come from: 2014/08/22

Ice Cream

Most doctors refuse to eat ice cream for a number of reasons. The favorite sweet treat comes with preservatives and hormones. It also includes pasteurized dairy, which changes the proteins of milk so ice cream lacks the health benefits of dairy.

High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Found in drinks, syrups, and other condiments, high-fructose corn syrup adds unnecessary chemicals to your system. As a sugar substitute, doctors tend to stay far away from foods with this sweetener.


Trans Fats

Doctors were on board for avoiding trans fats far before it became a priority for the government. Trans fats cause digestive issues and weight gain, among other negative side effects.


Unpasteurized Milk

Unpasteurized milk contains bacteria, a definite sign to avoid for medical professionals. Most opt for organic milk as organic milk boasts a number of hormones.

Bleached Flour

Bleaching flour not only makes it a pure white color, but also removes all nutrients and any associated health benefits. Doctors tend to avoid and focus on eating fresh breads instead.


Processed Chicken

Processed chicken passes along its bad health to those who eat it. Many chickens later processed into meat spend most of their short lives sick or in a bad living environment. Doctors focus on eating hormone-free, farm-raised chicken if they eat it at all.

Cold Cuts

A combination of high fat and high sodium make cold cuts a definite no-no for doctors. In addition, nitrates, used to help preserve the meats, cause stomach cancer.


Members of the Dirty Dozen

Doctors refuse to eat fruits and vegetables listed in the dirty dozen, unless they find those free of chemicals. The dirty dozen includes fruits like peaches, apples, and nectarines. Vegetables including celery, spinach, lettuce, and potatoes also top the list.



Most doctors avoid drinking soda for a number of reasons. Because of the chemicals and the low number of nutrients included in the sugary drink, medical professionals tend to avoid at all costs. This includes juices and energy drinks as well.

Artificially Colored Foods

Doctors tend to avoid foods colored with artificial ingredients. Artificial food coloring identifies itself with a number after the color name.






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