5 Tips for a Professional Makeup Look for Work

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The transition from college to professional life can be overwhelming in many ways. As you enter a professional career, you need to create a new look for your new life. You'll need new clothes, and you may even need a new makeup routine to fit with all the changes. Here are five tips for creating a professional makeup look for your career wardrobe.

Tone it Down

Your party makeup needs to disappear during the workday. If you're used to pink eyelashes, overly dramatic brows, and bright red lips, it's time to tone down your makeup. Let your makeup help you hide flaws and enhance your beauty, but don't let it be the first thing people notice about you. If you want to be taken seriously, let your work speak louder than your makeup. If you love outlandish makeup, save it for when you go out with friends on the weekends.

Keep the Routine Realistic

Heading out the door in the morning to an 8 a.m. job can be stressful. Don't add to the stress by creating a time-consuming morning beauty routine. A little foundation, blush, mascara and lip gloss may be all you need for a great professional makeup look. If you have nice skin, you may even be able to skip the foundation. Ensure that your makeup routine takes less than 15 minutes so that getting ready in the morning doesn't make you late.

Choose Subtle Colors

If you elect to wear eye shadow, blush and lip gloss, choose more subtle colors for a daytime look. Black eyeliner and very dark eye shadow are best suited to night time wear, as are false eyelashes. Natural looking foundation with a medium colored blush is a good choice. Brown or charcoal eyeliner are more flattering than black and look more professional. Choose lip colors to accent your overall look and skin coloring.

Enhance One Knockout Feature

Looking professional doesn't have to mean looking boring. It's fine to enhance your favorite feature by using bolder makeup. Just be sure you're only using bold makeup on one feature rather than your entire face. If you have great eyes, make your eye makeup a little bolder, keeping your blush natural and your lip color light. Or, if you love bright red lipstick, make it your signature. Just keep the rest of your makeup subtle for balance.

Don't Forget Skincare

Even the most skilled makeup artist can do only so much to cover bad, neglected skin. Long days in the office can leave your skin feeling dirty at the end of the day. Remove your makeup every night before bed. Use moisturizer at night and in the morning. A good skincare routine means that you look fresh and rested with less makeup.
Your daytime makeup look is important to helping you create a workable morning routine and to establishing yourself as a respected professional in the office. Consider visiting a professional makeup artist for help in creating a good daytime look. Then practice those suggestions before beginning your new job. Your new professional look should help you feel confident and ready for anything your new job brings.

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