The Craziest Food Flavors You'll Ever See

Come from: 2014/11/10

Brands start succeeding internationally after realizing that different cultures require different approaches. Thus, it is not uncommon for brands to launch brand new flavors like bacon soda or chocolate tacos, but it still seems really weird to us. Check these wacky flavors out!

Bacon Coke
In other words, HEAVEN!
Mountain Dew Cheetos
How does that work, exactly?
Pancake Soda
IHOP needs to get all over that...
Pizza and Spaghetti Slushees
Rumor has it Pizza Hut is trying to poach the formula!
Corn Flavored Kit Kat
Not sure how that works...
BK's Squid-Ink Burger
That's not really squid ink, is it?

Horse Meat Ice Cream

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