12 Foods That Just Shouldn't Be Blue

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Blue foods are a novelty, but they are not naturally blue. Just remember that the dyes in these foods can stain your mouth and leave your bowel movements a funky shade, even though they may be fun to look at and gross people out when you eat them.


Blue foods are alarming, as the brain interprets the color as unappetizing. However, this curry has no discernible taste or smell. The color alone paralyzes the senses and makes you scared to take a bite.


Blue is a color that hamburgers should never be. Funny enough, this trend is also popular in Japan, just like the blue curry.


Compared to many other blue food items, this ramen does not look half-bad. Many cafes in Japan offer this dish, but you can make your own by adding a few small drops of blue food coloring into the ramen after cooking.


Blue pasta noodles are horrific. You can make them easily enough at home by adding food dye into the dough. However, the results look incredibly strange and unappetizing.


Blue strawberries are just plain weird and seem like something out of fiction. Scientists have sliced strawberry DNA with that of a fish to create the blue color, but purely by accident.


Licorice is traditionally red or black, so seeing it in blue is a little alarming. Even more staggering is the amount of dye used in the candy.

Peanut Butter

Blue peanut butter is another food item that seems like the work of fiction. However, scientists created a toxin-fighting dye that helps block carcinogens that they mixed with peanut butter.


Blue is a popular color brands add to their multi-colored cereals. Though cereal should not be this color, it sure makes any bowl of it look festive.

Ice Cream

Blue ice cream is not very common, mainly because most ice cream shops prefer all-natural ice cream. Blue ice cream is certainly not that, although it might not be as weird as some of the other items on the list.


As unnatural as it looks, the blue potato is a variety that Cornell University potato breeders created from crossbreeding two different species. The result is a bluish purple potato that is healthy and funny looking.


Soda comes in almost any color you can imagine, therefore, blue soda is no surprise. These sodas come in shades from light to dark blue and have a wide variety of tastes, though berry is the most common.


Like soda, juice also comes in many different colors. Blue juice is popular with kids, but it usually contains less than 5 percent real juice in it.

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