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Towoo Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant


Address:603 Whitehorse Road Surrey Hill VIC 3127

Tel:03 9836 0445

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Expiry Date:13/11/2017


Total Bill 10% Off, Excluding Cocktail/Liquor

Mon-Sun 5:30pm-10:30pm, Tue Closed 

Towoo is a newly opened authentic traditional Korean barbecue restaurant in Melbourne where dinners can grill a variety of tender meats on the table and enjoy the aroma that overflowed from the grill. 


Towoo provides a wide range of premium meats and sincere services to every dinner. At the time you are enjoying the tasty foods, you can also enjoy the heartful service provided by those passionate staffs. In addition, convenient transport facilities and long-term free car parks also make Towoo more attractive ( a 4P free car park with 34 car spaces is located at the back of the restaurant and a number of free parking spaces at the front after 6:30pm).


The charcoal is heated for 6 days until the temperature reaches 1200 degrees. When it is lit up, there is no smokes at all. The theory is that cooked this way, meat is permeated with a charcoal scent and retains its moisture, giving it a melty texture. Meats are cooked above the charcoal without directly contacting the fire,  so the original gravy is kept and every single piece of the meat would just melt in your mouth.


There are two different special barbecue sets that you can choose from:
Premium Beef Set:
Including Grade 7 Wagyu Short Rib, Grade 9 Black Angus Beef Scotch Fillet, Marinated Beef Rib, fresh vegetable salads and deep fried platter. You can enjoy a wide variety of high-quality Beef at once. In order to provide fresh meats to dinners, Towoo only purchases fresh meats (with a light pink color and clear marbling) from the butcher nearby. 
Pork Set:
Including pork belly platter, pan fried Gyoza and fresh vegetable salads, it is enough to feed 3  adults. Six different flavors of pork belly are marinated using different authentic Korean spices:
Fresh Pork Belly: Only the freshest pork is selected, it is glossily pink without strong flavor of pork.
Wine Pork Belly: Marinated with red wine to reduce the fatness, gives a delicate taste. 
Yellow Curry Pork Belly: Marinated with light Korean Yellow Curry, the flavor is not so strong but extremely fragrant. 
Green Herb Pork Belly: Green tea contains healthy ingredients that remove the greasy taste of pork belly and add a fresh herbal flavor, two birds with one stone.
Black Bean Pork Belly: Traditional Korean miso paste makes pork belly crispy and delicious. 
Red Chilly Pork Belly: If you like Korean sweet chili sauce, this is the dish you can never miss out. 
Seafood barbecue dishes provided by Towoo are also worth-mentioning. As freshness of the ingredient always have priority, Towoo selects Tasmanian prawns and scallops which were directly transported from Tasmania. Towoo decided to use the fastest and the most expensive shipping method in order to provide seafoods which were only defrost for once. Because Korean BBQ dishes are all cooked directly on the table, you can directly identify the freshness of the ingredients at the first place. Enjoy fresh and healthy seafood in Towoo!
Black Sesame Dressing Salad
Sweet Potato Noodle
Variety Vegetables (BBQ)
Black Sesame & Green Tea Icecream
Red Bean Ice Flakes
Pineapple Soju
There are fresh salads and other classic Korean dishes including Kimchi pancakes, of course. Sauces and salad dressings are home made; a variety of delicious desserts are beautifully presented; you just cannot expect more! The interior decoration is heartfully designed by the owner who has architecture backgrounds, every single element in the room reflects his distinguishing consideration and unique sense in art. You will redefine traditional Korean cuisine after visiting Towoo!

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