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$10 for All Service Fees


E-Trans is a qualified exchange dealing business with a long history. It is an international financial company providing high quality services. Its branches spread to New Zealand, Australia and Canada. E-Trans insists to operate their business under the disciplines of ‘being honest, professional, high quality and efficient’. They are honored to understand the Chinese market and aim to serve Chinese people. Its crew are qualified with high academic degrees, multiple languished and lots of experience. They will offer you customised financial service to help you with achieving your investment target. Based on this they and their customers will build up a relationship which is lasting, trust-worthy and two-way winning. 


E-Trans is located in Melbourne City where is untilised by convenient transport. The environment in high-class office building can provide you with comfortable and private spaces.



The consultants are not only professional but also friendly and kind as they will think from their customers’perspective. In fact, all their services and facilities are designed and arranged with their honestness and consideration for customers.


E-Trans have featured services listed below: 


1. Professional

Long history, big scale and globalisation ensures their profession of exchanging between currencies directly including more than thirty kinds of currencies including Chinese Yuan.


2. Safe

E-Trans is one of the authorised exchanging dealing businesses by banking organisations. All of the exchange deals and capital flows are supervised by the banks. They have abundant fund to support their business which is composed by their risk margin deposited in multiple international banks. They guarantee that no risk is addressed to their customers.


3. Fast

Synchronous deals is available between multiple currencies and forms. Most of the electrical remittances can arrive destination accounts on the same day.


4. Favorable

E-Trans is one of the biggest wholesale clients of many large banks. They eternally take ‘spare profits to customers, less profit while more deals’ as their theory. It would be surprising to know their special deals and they expect you to compare and consult.


5. Honest

E-Trans has earned a lots of customers’trust as well as supervision banks’affirmation by its honest and stable style. Their reputation can absolutely be heard from your friends and relatives.


Services include:


1. Chinese Yuan Exchange: To meet the growing demand of Chinese Yuan exchange, they exclusively design the two-way Chinese Yuan exchange for import and export dealers, small businesses, travellers, migrants and international students. Their promised best exchange rate and safest and fastest services are believed to meet the demand to the great extent.

2. Other Currencies Exchange: They can provide the exchange and remittance services of the world’s main currencies or between main currencies, Chinese Yuan and Southeast Asian countries’ currencies. These include American dollar, British pound, European dollar, New Zealand dollar, Japanese Yan, Hong Kong dollar, Malaysian dollar and Singaporean dollar. Forms such as cash, check and bank transactions are all acceptable.

3. International Remittance and Transaction: They charge little for international payment and transactions between Australian dollar and other currencies. Customers can remit to designated accounts, exchange between main currencies and Chinese Yuan.

4. Lock Rate: Customers can pay a deposit to lock a rate. The exchange deal will happen when the exchange rage reaches to the designated rate. Before the designation, customers are able to change or cancel it any time.

E-TRANS WeChat Official Account


*ETRANS WeChat public account provides financial and foreign exchange news delivery, real-time currency exchange rates inquiry, information bulletin, customer service consulting. Accepting customer feedback and requests, providing the pictures of required transaction information, documentation or credentials, trade confirmations; customer history transaction data and personal information query, viewing specific transaction receipts.

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